Our team is growing

The Blue Growth Team is growing. We welcome two new postdocs Dr. Eveline Diopere and Dr. Maaike Vercauteren  and one new PhD student Annabel Mathiske. We also continue to expand our collaborative network and support four new joint PhD Students. Three of them (Jenevieve Hara, Mathilde Falcou-Préfol and Thanh Nguyen) will together with Annabel Mathiske focus on nanoplastics in the marine environment. As such, the Blue Growth Research Lab is making a huge effort to tackle this environmental problem together with Prof. Colin Janssen, Prof. Ronny Blust (UAntwerp) and Prof. Raewyn Town (UAntwerp). We also welcome Yunmeng Li, a joint PhD student with Dr. Maarten Derijcke (VLIZ) and Prof. Sarah Lebeer (UAntwerp), who will contribute to our marine aerosol research. Despite the challenging times, our lab continues its efforts to contribute to human and environmental health.