Seas and oceans play a pivotal role in our society. The blue growth research lab studies how we interact with the ocean and how this affects our health and wellbeing. 

The lab is one of the first Ghent University research groups located at Ostend Science Park. Our unique location allows us to regularly interact with industry, policymakers and citizens. This inspires us to apply our academic research to real-world problems.

The blue growth research lab coordinates the multifaceted UGent research facilities for marine and maritime research at Ostend Science Park. The research group is part of the Marine@UGent research consortium and the BLUeGhent IOF consortium for research valorization.

Our multidisciplinary research facilities are located at Ostend Science Park.

We address blue growth challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective with a focus on valorization

Our multidisciplinary research is a succes through our collaborations with multiple internal and external partners

The team is coordinated by Prof. Jana Asselman and consists of 5 PhD students. The complex nature of blue growth questions requires us to cross the boundaries of disciplines through collaboration with academia, government and industry. 
Labquote: Hard work leads to progress, team work leads to innovation.