News and activities

The activities of our lab are dynamic in nature. Therefore, we refer to our social media accounts to follow up on our recent activities. Our recent publications and projects can be found in our university’s official repositories:

  • Social media accounts of our team members, when active, can be found on the teams page
  • Our publication track record can be found here
  • Our project track record can be found here
Generally, our activities are often supported by or contribute to the university consortium Marine@UGent
We regularly interact with national and international journalists, news media and non profit organizations. Do not hesitate to reach out to our research team to disseminate our scientific research to a broad audience or to provide an expert opinion on a scientific question aligned with our research topics. 
Some examples of our recent research of views in the media:


Currently, the lab has no open vacancies. Vacancies for PhD students are generally published either in June/July or January. 

Spontaneous applications are welcome if they have a clear fit with the research themes. If you consider of sending a spontaneous application, please refer clearly to the research themes or publications of our group. If you want to apply for an external fellowship to do a postdoc or PhD in our lab, clearly add the application deadline, funding scheme and generally project outline. All spontaneous applications can be sent to Prof. Jana Asselman.

Please do note that the lab has a maximum capacity for the number of students and postdoctoral fellows it can host to ensure optimal support and guidance to all team members.