Jana Asselman


Prof. Dr. eng. Jana Asselman is the head of the Blue Growth Research Lab. She coordinates the multidisciplinary UGent research facilities located at Ostend Science Park. Her research interests include marine biotechnology, molecular and in vitro toxicology and broad human and environmental health challenges associated with the blue economy. For a more comprehensive view of her research interest and expertise, please visit the research page or her research publications.

All PhD students are supervised in collaboration with other research groups to ensure that they can work in a highly multidisciplinary research environment and have access to a wide network of senior research expertise. 

The blue growth research lab coordinates the UGent research facilities for marine and maritime research at Ostend Science Park. The research group is part of the Marine@UGent research consortium and the BLUEGent IOF consortium for research valorization.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Eveline Diopere


Biotechnology - Molecular Biology

Maaike Vercauteren


Micro- and nanoplastics

Vicky Pauwelyn


Lab Coordinator

PhD students

João Barbossa

Phd student

Sea dumped munition - in vitro toxicology & risk assessment

Miao Peng

Phd student

Micro- and nanoplastics - human health risk assessment

Lotte Janssens

Phd student

Marine Copepods - Epigenetics - Ecology

Simon Hernandez Lucas

Phd student

Impact of maritime infrastructure on ecosystem services

Ilias Semmouri

Phd student

Marine copepod transcriptomics - nanopore sequencing

Guillaume Marec

Phd student

Biodiscovery - Microalgae

Zixia Liu

Phd student

Sea spray aerosols - Biological & chemical composition

Marie Sioen

Phd student

Nanoplastics - marine copepods - ecological risk assessment

Griet Van Avermaet

Phd student

Oceans - Human Health

Joint PhD students at other institutions

Naina Goel

Phd student

KU Leuven - Cyanbacterial stress: epigenetics & gut microbiome

Mathilde Falcou Péfol

Phd student

UAntwerp: Nanoplastics - Hazard Assessment

Guilherme Jeremias

Phd student

University of Aveiro: Epigenetic biomarkers in aquatic pollution

Jenevieve Hara

Phd student

UAntwerp: Nanoplastics

Yunmeng Li

Phd student

VLIZ - UAntwerp: Marine microorganisms & human health