Collaborators at OSP

Colin Janssen

Full professor

Prof. Dr. Janssen is full professor of Ecotoxicology and Applied Marine Ecology and has directed (and co directed) since 2014 the Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology and head of the department of Applied Ecology and Environmental Biology from 2008 to 2014. He is now also associated with the UGent Blue Growth Research Lab located at Ostend Science Park. His research is focused on the ecological risks of anthropogenic and natural stressors in freshwater and mainly marine systems.  A comprehensive overview of his research output and interest and expertise is given on
He is chair of the Marine@UGent consortium consolidating marine and maritime expertise of more than 70 research groups of Ghent University and is promotor of the UGent Industry Research Fund IOF consortium BLUeGhent coordinating all blue growth valorisation research of Ghent University. He is the vice-chair of the Board of Directors and chair of the scientific committee of the Flanders Marine Institute.

Sara Vandamme

Blue Growth Liason

Coordinator of the Marine@UGent Research Consortium

Margriet Drouillon

Business Developper

Business Developer BLUEGent – Innovations in Blue Life Sciences / Marine Sciences